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Jung on Soul Tending

“Without soul, spirit is as dead as matter…because both are artificial abstractions; whereas man originally regarded spirit as a volatile body, and matter as not lacking in soul.” Jung (1938)[1] Sue Mehrtens is the author of this post and member of … Continue reading

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Experiencing God Today

The following was written by Anthony Massimini, Ph.D. We experience God within ourselves and in today’s society and culture. Part 1 Within Ourselves:  No one experiences God directly, but indirectly.  We experience God in terms of ourselves, others, and the … Continue reading

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Spirituality and Addiction

Enjoy a Tech Sabbath Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation From the Center for Action and Contemplation Author Tiffany Shlain offers a practice she calls a “Technology Sabbath” as a way of reducing our addiction to technology and our personal devices. She … Continue reading

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The Unbelief of Believers

The Difference between Cheap Grace and Costly Grace In the book, Atheism in Our Time, Ignace Lepp, a psychoanalyst and convert to Catholicism from Marxism, offers explanations for the unbelief of believers. His writing is based on his experience as … Continue reading

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Your Seat at The Table Is Ready!

I invite you to the table of God- the Trinity. Picture yourself sitting at the space in the front, facing the persons of the Trinity.  As you sit there, the host gives you this menu or explanation for the meal.  … Continue reading

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Are Catholics Confused about Grace?

Catholics and many Protestants are confused about GRACE! Why? Because they believe that GRACE is the Divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation; … Continue reading

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Spirituality and the Spiritually Mature Person  If the faith of a child does not develop into the faith of an adult, it can result in a view of religion that is childish, outmoded, and of no influence in adult life. … Continue reading

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Nurturing Our Soul While Training Our Mind and Body

The Spiritual Disciplines compiled by Tony Massimini, PhD St. Paul compared spiritual development to a race toward a goal (Phi 3:14).  Runner must train to develop and strengthen their energy for a successful run.  The spiritual disciplines (also called dynamics) are the … Continue reading

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God’s Grace is Flowing Like a River

THE RIVER OF INFINITY/ETERNITY    When God gives himself to each of us in grace, i.e., as he calls us to our life-vocation and opens us to discern what he expects of us in our everyday life, we have Infinity/Eternity … Continue reading

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Following Jesus

    Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God.  Saying, “The time is fulfilled.  And the kingdom of God has come near.”  Listen to his words. P1: Seek first the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God … Continue reading

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