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Has Roman Catholicism’s Authority Contradicted Jesus?

“A sign of contradiction, in Catholic theology, is someone who, upon manifesting holiness, is subject to extreme opposition. The term is from the biblical phrase “sign that is spoken against”, found in Luke 2:34 and in Acts 28:22, which refer … Continue reading

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INCIDENTS of CENSURE AND OR EXCOMMUNICATION by The Catholic Church resulting in denial of Communion

The first instance of a pro-abortion rights politician being censured via denial of communion was in 1989.[15] During a special election for the California Senate, Pro-abortion rights Catholic Lucy Killea was barred from communion by Leo Thomas Maher, then bishop … Continue reading

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Why do the American Bishops Ignore their Own Teaching?

They should PRACTICE what They PREACH For Instance, here are some quotes from the document and how the Church in America violates its own statements. Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship – Part I – The U.S. Bishops’ Reflection on Catholic … Continue reading

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New Book With A Catholic Perspective On The Pandemic Looks At The Church’s Future

Clemente Lisi (REVIEW) One sure sign that the pandemic is fading may be the steady stream of books about it that have started to trickle out. It’s true that COVID-19 affected the planet like nothing else in our lifetimes. In … Continue reading

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Why we support the bishops’ plan to deny Communion to Biden

Well, it looks like — barring a last-minute intervention by Pope Francis himself, and maybe not even then — the U.S. bishops will consider and vote on a proposal for a teaching document about Communion that includes denying the sacrament … Continue reading

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Tackle clericalism first when attempting priesthood reform

by Fr. Peter Daly If the priesthood is to be reformed, we must tackle the disease of clericalism. It won’t be easy. Clericalism is so deeply ingrained in our structures and way of thinking that we almost can’t imagine how things … Continue reading

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Confession and Transparency equals the Truth

Cardinal Reinhard Marx’s Letter of Resignation 21st May 2021 Holy Father, Without doubt, these are times of crisis for the Church in Germany. There are, of course, manyreasons for this situation – also beyond Germany in the whole world – … Continue reading

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